It’s Jack Kirby Day!

I don't have the words to express how I am in constant awe of Jack's way of viewing the world and interpreting that view into images onto the page. Born Jacob Kurtzberg on August 28 in 1917, Jack's story is well known. I don't have anything new to add to the tale. I am here [...]

Downton Abbey Nerd

So, let's talk about a show that we have watched over and over again. Mrs. Multiverse and I have probably watched the entire series through at least ten times over. I know. I am as shocked by this revelation as you are! It's not my normal fare. Far from it. Yet here I am. I [...]

Our Top Five Gift Ideas on @EntEarth

Lil Dumpster Fire This is Fine Vinyl Figure View Alien One:12 Collective Action Figure View Forbidden Planet Robby the Robot Vinimate Vinyl Figure View Transformers Bumblebee MDLX Action Figure View Universal Monsters Ultimate Mummy Color Version 7-Inch Scale Action Figure View

The Desert

The Desert. In a Post-Human world, where humankind's creations are left to wander in desolation; detached from humanity, meaning and purpose. The Desert | Sci-Fi Animated Short Film About Fighting Robots I am just utterly astonished by this animated short. There is a deeper message in this piece if you are willing to look [...]

Marvel Super Special Number One

Marvel Super Special Number One Marvel Super Special Number One starring KISS. This one will go down in history for the gimmick that was used to hype this magazine. The story was printed with the band members actual blood mixed into the ink. I wish the story was as epic as the publicity stunt, but [...]