Bat-Mite 1977: The Impish Sidekick

Bat-Mite 1977: The Impish Sidekick

Bat-Mite 1977: The Impish Sidekick. Batman originally met Bat-Mite, the hero-worshipping imp from another world, in Detective Comics #267  from March 1962 in a story by Bill Finger. That Bat-Mite was well represented in the Batman: The Brave and The Bold animated series. Paul Rubens nailed he role voicing Bat-Mite. Today I want to remember the Bat-Mite we got in 1977’s The New Adventures of Batman by Filmation. Perhaps “want” to remember is a bit much, but I can appreciate the show for what it was.

Voiced by Lou Scheimer, himself, the little imp from the 5th dimension tried so hard… too hard to help the caped crusaders. The character was a part of a trend to soften children’s programing as a backlash to what had been perceived as too much violent content on television at the time. Oh if they could see television now.

I’m not here to condemn Bat-Mite, but to praise him. Just kidding. I am not here to go either way. From time to time, as with most old programs it seems, I’ll pop and episode or two of this show on. I’ll enjoy it, make fun of it or just have it on as background noise. At no time will I ever crap on it.

Do you have any fond memories of Bat-Mite from this show? I was always there for Batman, little impish sidekicks never held any attraction for me, nor did the kid characters.

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