That Time Wonder Woman Was Blonde (1974)

That Time Wonder Woman Was Blonde? I remember watching this TV movie in the late 70’s but that was the one and only time until the time of this original blog post which is being updated from 2015. The movie was playing one Saturday afternoon on TV at my Granny’s house in what must have been 1978, and being a fan of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman I was curious about this character that wasn’t the Wonder Woman that I knew and loved. There are copies on Amazon, honestly they don’t seem like they are worth the price. I would rather rent or pay the price for a digital download

I have the movie, and it’s a pretty fun watch. It has a very 70’s feel, and pacing, so be aware of that. Cathy Lee does a wonderful job and doesn’t let the viewer down. It may not be Wonder Woman, but it’s Wonder Woman none the less.

I am a devotee of old Superhero movies and television and this one hit a sweet spot. Growing up in a time when this was all we got along with re-runs of West’s Batman or Reeves’ Superman… we took what ever we could get and appreciated it. Unlike today where we feel entitled to critique every little difference from the source material.

That Time Wonder Woman Was Blonde
Blonde in a Tracksuit. Cathy Lee Crosby was Wonder Woman in 1974

This version of Wonder Woman (Cathy Lee Crosby) did not wear the iconic costume including the tiara trademark nor was her secret identity of Diana Prince was not all that secret. The story follows Wonder Woman, an assistant to agent Steve Trevor as she tracks down a villain named Abner Smith who has stolen a set of code-books containing classified information about field agents. Abner Smith was played competently by the talented Ricardo Montalban.

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