The Hostess with the Mostess Ads

The Hostess with the Mostest Ads The Hostess with the Mostess Ads... Today we are going to take a look at vintage Hostess advertisements in comic books. There is something about these old advertisements, they were quaint and entertaining. That is the thing about them, the entertainment factor. That sticks with you longer than the [...]

Doctor Multiverse: Time for a Change

Doctor Multiverse: Time for a Change. If you've visited the site you might have noticed the change. No more "Max-a-Tron" but now "Skull Mask" is the site's mascot. "Skull Mask" is outfitted in my standard "Ranger Zero" color scheme. The great thing about being a citizen of the Multiverse is that there are infinite numbers [...]

KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978)

Recently I was reminded of my love for KISS. I love their showmanship, and ability to entertain stadiums full of fans. Often when I come back around to the band, I am drawn to KISS meets the Phantom of the Park from 1978. Like Wrestling, KISS is like watching a comic book come to life. [...]

Dark Matter: When Bad Guys Go Good… Reluctantly.

After waking up aboard a derelict spaceship with no memories, the crew of the Raza investigates the mystery of their identities and destination. Dark Matter: When Bad Guys Go Good… Reluctantly. Mrs. Multiverse turned me onto this show back in 2017, and I ate it up. It's good writing, great acting, and stellar visual effects. [...]

Star Wars: TIE Fighter the Anime

Am I tardy to the party? Nope. I was thinking about the new TIE Fighter project that I reported on last week and this came to mind again. Star Wars: TIE Fighter the Anime short film is some of the best Star Wars traditional animation that I’ve ever seen. It was uploaded to YouTube back [...]