Dark Horse Comic’s Norse Mythology

Recently I discovered something wonderful. It’s a six issue series by Dark Horse Comics called Norse Mythology. This series flew NOE under my RADAR, and I really don’t know what possessed me to check it out. Yet, check it out I did and I am the richer for it. The series is penned by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell and boasts multiple artists. One of my favorites, Jerry Ordway, is among them.

The series tackles the insanity that is Norse Mythology. This is no small task considering that there are multiple versions of each myth so settling on just one is tough. Most of the time you can just pick and pull from different threads of the same tale and still keep the essence of that story. One of my favorite tales in this series is that of the fate of Fenrir. It’s the first time I’ve read the story, and I found it to be a sad one.

Check it out for yourself. If you like Neil’s work, Nordic fables, or just great art then this is the series for you. Volume two just recently began, and I cannot wait for issue number two to come out.

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