Dragon Lines

Having been on a casual deep-dive into Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, I was reminded of a defunct comic line called Epic. Epic was an imprint created by Marvel to showcase stories that were not code approved and more adult in nature. The first iteration of the imprint was released as a black and white news print magazine. I loved this format and the content. In the early 1990’s the imprint was resurrected as a vehicle to attempt to entice Image creators back into the Marvel bullpen.

One of the Epic titles, the only one that I can recall being into, was Dragon Lines. A story that involves the Monkey King… sorta’. I loved the art, which was very Image-style-esqe, and the concept. The story never really resonated with me though. It feels like “thing happens to allow things to be done.” Did I mention the art? Ron Lim was on point with this series.

So the hero, Li Chang, ends up at some sort of VR facility but the virtual turns real as he becomes possessed by Sun Wukong (spelled Wu’Kung in the book). There is an “evil” Mandarin type character who is just meh, but did I mention Ron Lim’s artwork? Yeah, the more I delve into this four issue limited series, the less excited I am to revisit it. Don’t take my word for it… track it down and read it for yourself. It’s not available on Comixology, and I sold my copies ages ago so I had to track the issues down using other methods. I would be happy to purchase the series, if and/or when it becomes available.

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