First Thoughts on Loki

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Marvel Studios keeps upping their game.


So, Loki. What can I say? Once again Marvel Studios offers up something unique and out of the box. My first thoughts on Loki are genuinely positive. It’s witty and has so many levels… it’s not just a punch-em-up-pew-pew show, like so many of the Marvel properties are accused of being. Owen Wilson adds something specifically Owen Wilson to the show and is a perfect straight man to Loki’s impish straight man.

Still my favorite Loki scene!

Wanda-Vision took me three episodes to get it, and get hooked. Falcon and the Winter Soldier had me from the start but it didn’t hook me with anything too deep… it was the opening scenes with Sam. It got deeper as the episodes went on. I am writing this as I watch Loki and it opened up with the familiar then turned all of that on its head… and I am here for that.

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Your Savior Is Here!


So what did you think about the first episode?

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