The All New, err Old, Green Arrow?

The All New, err Old, Green Arrow? Stargirl Spring Break Special One-Shot has been out for long enough so there is no excuse for you to have not read it yet if you indeed had planned to so I will just say that this is a low level Spoiler…

I can’t even comprehend what a time-twisting neat idea this is. It seems that Oliver and Roy had been sent back in time, for a time, and still operated at The Green Arrow and Speedy. That’s right True Believer… There has only ever been one true Green Arrow, and Oliver is that hero.

I really like this revamp of the character’s history. Like? No, I LOVE THIS! It’s so silver age comic booky that it is easily acceptable in an instant. Being a person born in the Bronze Age (of comics) this sort of retconning is par for the course but perhaps this isn’t as easily digestible by younger readers. It could be that this is somebody’s first “in” into the Golden Age. If so, welcome to another world full of crazy stories, and a slug of socially unacceptable content from time to time (to time), so be warned.

If you are a fan of legacy heroes, the Golden Age of comics, time-travel, or just great story telling… this is the comic for you. It introduced me to some new characters, reintroduced old characters that I had forgotten about, and help my mental cannon by bridging the 1940’s era characters and the modern age in a logical way… albeit comic logic.

Did you read this book? What did you thing about it? Please feel free to share your thoughts bellow 🙂

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