Marvel Studio’s The Eternals

Marvel Studio’s The Eternals… Admittedly I know very little about this group of characters. There were a few random issues in my collection while growing up, and I recall the odd character or two showing up in other titles. What I do know is that they were created by the King, Jack Kirby and that alone is enough to be a visual feast by this point in his career. The trailer seems to capture a lot of that stunning visual stimulation that Jack was known for, although there are more curvature in the new style rather than the straight lines that were originally used.

Marvel Studio's The Eternals
On of the more memorable covers I had in my childhood collection.

The Eternals seemed to be an outlet for more of Jack’s Fourth World imagination such as the New Gods were for his time at DC. It was like he had multiple dimensions stuck in his head and they poured out on to the page from his pen. I love Jack’s work and marvel at his imagination, the likes of which we may never see again. Fortunately, his work informs so much of what we enjoy now and that isn’t a bad legacy. Thanks, Jack!

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