Character Design & Development: Professor Singh

Character Design & Development

Character Design & Development: Professor Singh. Born 1819 in what is now known as Kolkata, Rajeet Singh kept to himself and stayed in the shadows. His parents stressed learning, he was always expected to be reading a book. An odd marriage, his mother was Hindu and his father was Sikh, yet they stressed that he find his own path. His path of learning led him all over the world, and he came to be in the service of Queen Victoria.

An archeologist by profession and scientist by nature, he fascinated the Queen. Charged with searching for the lost treasure of Ankor Wat he stumbled upon a mystical power source in the form of a jewel that seemed to affect him in ways that he couldn’t comprehend. Even to this day his rational mind rejects the notion of mystic anything. Rajeet knew that this power needed to remain a secret and he still keeps that secret to this day.

Professor Singh doesn’t seem to age, is in pique physical and mental condition. He is 202 years old has has mastered multiple disciplines. Living in the digital age has made his existence a bit more difficult to conceal but, fortunately, computer science has been an interest of his since the late 1940s so hacking his way through life is effortless.

Character Design & Development
My development sketch. Brainstorming names and ideas.

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