MCU: Enter the Fantastic Four

Enter the Fantastic Four

So we have Marvel’s first family to look forward to in the coming years. Enter the Fantastic Four! We have no clue as to how they will be, or should be introduced.

Me? How would I handle it?

We I am glad you asked…

Would that I could influence Kevin Feige I would try to convince him to begin the story in the mid 1960’s. The space race was on, and the four already have their powers. Apart from the details of what they do, or have done, none of that is public knowledge. Reed discovers the Negative Zone which other countries are also seeking access to. Latveria’s monarch beats the Soviet Union to the Negative Zone and establishes a colony there. Reed reports this to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Four are recruited to uncover Doom’s plan. After a violent clash Sue, Reed, Johnny and Ben become stranded in the Negative Zone with Victor. After a decade passes, they find that they are not aging and the savage space and time continuum has honed them into a precision team along with mastering of their powers.

The reason they are stranded in the NZ is that a Hydra double agents destroyed the machines that acted as gateways. Stranded until another scientist rediscovers the Zone and the four re-emerge into a present day world. Reed is well off due to some investments in stocks like IBM, etc. They relocate into the Stark Tower and rename it Four Freedoms Plaza. They have advanced technology that they have developed in the Zone, along with advances that already existed there. Each has their own struggles in dealing with a modern world as they’ve all kept their 1960’s sensibilities.

I would love to see a movie that is an absolute love letter to Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, with a special thank you to Joan Lee.

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