Justice League Analogs

Justice League Analogs
Justice League Analogs

May seems to be my month for Justice League Analogs, and that is just my speed. I’ve always loved when companies created different versions of the Justice League. While the Crime Syndicate, by DC, is already on the third issue I just discovered it on Comixology when I logged in to purchase the first issue of Heroes Reborn from Marvel.

As somebody who doesn’t purchase new titles too often, I am so satisfied with each of these issues. They are both equally entertaining and I am excited to read the next issue of each. Fortunate for me, I just picked up the next two issues of Crime Syndicate. While I don’t plan on picking up all of the tie-in issues for Heroes Reborn, some of them are piquing my interest. I cannot wait to see what Blade discovers as to what has happened to the fabric of his reality.

As a frequent traveler of the Multiverse, I truly enjoy different versions of established characters. The Marvel version of the Justice League is wonderful and I’ve always loved the concept of the team, if not the execution of them consistently. The Crime Syndicate is less nuanced as they are mostly just made out to be the reverse of every thing the the League stands for.

Another analog team is dues to show up in the pages of this Marvel event… the Imperial Guard of the Shi’ar Empire. As an old school X-Men and Legion of Super Heroes fan, this has my interest.

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