Review: Justice Society: World War II… Worth Your Dime and Your Time?

Justice Society

If you are at all familiar with the history and lore of the Justice Society… forget what you know. This is a new iteration of the Justice Society of America. I won’t get into plot details here apart from it being the normal Flash adventure fair.

The animation is OK, and the character designs are a bit over simplified. After a few minutes you don’t even notice the flatness of the players. By the end of the program I really began to appreciate the simplicity of the characters over all. The only issue I have is Dianna’s hair… I have no idea what was going on there. On a most positive note Hawkman’s design is outstanding.

The story is a good one with some surprises. Even for this almost 51 year old fan, there were things that I didn’t see coming. I would love to see a follow up or even a spin off of this project. Having said that, I wouldn’t be upset if nothing else came of this. As a JSA fan, I am delighted to get this much of the them in this format.

I have a theory as to what the true purpose of this direct to video project is actually all about. I think that it is a primer for Dwayne Johnson’s “Black Adam” film. Since we’ll be seeing a few Society members in that upcoming movie, this is the easiest way to introduce these 80 plus year old characters to a wider audience. I wonder if we’ll see a few more projects featuring this team or other versions of them, before the Rock’s entry into the DC Cinematic Universe.

So, is it worth your time?

For sure. It’s entertaining and has a few fresh takes on characterization of some of the oldest players in the DC Omniverse.

Is it worth your dime, though?

I think so. It’s a quality story and worth watching more than once.

While your mileage may vary, depending on whether you have any connection to the original DC comics or their characters, in my opinion this is something to enjoy and loose yourself in for a while.

If the price tag is too high for you, I would wait to rent it when the option becomes available.

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