Social Media Presence

I am currently reassessing my social media presence.

Social media presence is a living thing, and analytics is both a gift and a curse. While I don’t really run a report on my site daily, I do check how things are going from time to time. Seeing as my site is a tool to reach others with my designs, along with my need for interaction during these crazy times, I need to choose where I focus my energies.

Recently, after some platform changes at Hootsuite, I added Crowdfire another tool in my social media broadcast kit. This enabled me to run four channels with two sites. One of those channels is Facebook. It performs underwhelmingly for me, even with paid ads, and I feel that I’ve avoided the thought of leaving the platform out of it just always has been there over the last twelve years. Now I don’t plan on removing my private account, or even this site’s page… but other than posting directly from the blog, I am done with Facebook. I will drop in from time to time to check in on friends and family but that is all.

For site functionality issues, I also have two Twitter accounts. One is now for personal interactions where I can be as progressive as I wish, while the other is for fun nerd news and geeky shares which shows up on this site’s home page as a feed. Channels such as Instagram, and LinkIn are solid and I’ll keep up with those regularly.

These days I have a lot of time, but too many avenues to divide my attention. I deal with daily lows to middling with our current circumstances. While this site is an extension of my loves and my love of sharing my loves, it is also a side hustle that has become my main gig out of necessity. It stands to reason that I curb any disappointing lack of traction by walking away from endeavors that don’t work for me any longer.

Life is short… time to focus and let the rest fall away.

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