Kenner Star Wars Prototype Tribesman

Kenner Star Wars Prototype Tribesman
Kenner Star Wars Prototype Tribesman

Kenner Star Wars Prototype Tribesman: I wanted to work on my ability to work in simplified linework. Not that I am going to go and create coloring books but that is the sort of linework I am looking to improve. I have a tendency to over work my pieces when I am attempting to lean into oversimplification. My subject for this one is an unproduced figure from Kenner toys from the mid nineteen eighties. The Kenner Star Wars prototype “Tribesman”… or “Mongo Beefhead” as he was to be known as.

The figure was a kit-bashed Hammer Head, Squidface, the body of one of Jabba’s henchmen and a Harness from 4Lom. I adore this sort of thing. There is a magic to expanding the lore of something which, for all intents and purposes, was a finite property at the time. Expanding that property in “non-canonical” ways harkened back to 7 years earlier when all we had was the one film to build upon.

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