70s Sci-Fi Lifestyle

70's Sci-Fi Lifestyle

As a child of the seventies, I was the product of my time, and the 70s Sci-Fi Lifestyle has never really left my consciousness. The future was always barreling down on us, and the past continuously ran in syndication on our television set. Movies and television gave us different glimpses as to what may be to come. Some things came in even better ways while others have yet to materialize.

These are a few things that I would love to have now. They are mostly living quarters, and methods of transportation.

70's Sci-Fi Lifestyle
Filmation’s Ark II (1976)

Ark II was my dream vehicle when I was six years old. I imagined myself driving off into the sunset with Jean-Marie Hon and our chimpanzee sidekick. I was a romantic youngling. Ark II had it all. A place to live, work, travel and it carried an awesome smaller vehicle inside.

The Ark Roamer

Speaking of that little vehicle… the Ark Roamer is the very handy to get around in when you don’t want to take the whole ArkII to the grocery store. The design of the vehicle is both fantastic and functional.

007’s Lotus Esprit

Since one cannot live, or at least adventure, on land alone… I would choose to have one of these. When I first saw this my little brain was blown. The idea that I car could be driven underwater wasn’t something that I had considered until that point in the James Bond film.

Filmation’s Space Academy (1977)

In 1977, Filmation introduced television program about an academy maned by a group of cadets who would complete missions every week. It wasn’t the most exciting of shows but at this point we were all craving as much sci-fi as we could get. The design of the Seeker was akin to that of ArkII and I appreciated that. I don’t recall seeing much beyond the cockpit of this vessel, but my seven year-old imagination tells me that there’s room enough for a living quarters and more.

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