Art: Hitting the Wall

Hitting the Wall. We've all hit some sort of wall from time to time. It's part of the process, no matter how frustrating that may be. I get it. Usually when I hit a wall, it's accompanied with self doubt and the over acceptance of not being good enough. I get stuck in a certain [...]

Review: Justice Society: World War II… Worth Your Dime and Your Time?

If you are at all familiar with the history and lore of the Justice Society... forget what you know. This is a new iteration of the Justice Society of America. I won't get into plot details here apart from it being the normal Flash adventure fair. The animation is OK, and the character designs are [...]

Bob Kane – Bill Finger = The Bat-Man?

I based this on Bob Kane's original design of the Bat-Man. Would we even still be talking about the Bat without Bill Finger's influence? I added the skull-cap, the chest emblem, and the organic wings. I chose to use the pose from the cover of #Superman #1. This one was fun to play with and [...]

HOLY SNIKT! X-Men Wolverine One:12

Purchase on Entertainment Earth SNIKT! Wolverine claws his way to the top of the One:12 Collective. The X-Men Wolverine One:12 is a beautiful piece... one improvement would be an optional accessory pack that would give us his brown and tan suit that John Byrne introduced. The One:12 Collective Wolverine – Deluxe Steel Boxed Set is [...]

Wonder Girl #1 Variant Cover by J. Scott Campbell

Wonder Girl #1 Variant Cover by J. Scott Campbell Wonder Girl #1 Variant Cover by J. Scott Campbell will be a 1 in 25 variant. I like the character and am happy that DC shall be keeping her around after Future State. This cover is wonderful and genuinely pays homage to the legacy of a [...]