Nostalgia Bias

How often to we read the phrase “… was better when I was a kid”, or “… was the best time to grow up”, or something to that effect? I call this Nostalgia Bias.


For some reason the ages between six and nine are a time that many of us latch onto. Whether it is television programs, activities, or playtime, that short three years seems to resonate the strongest with me and many of my peers. Now there are earlier times that I still recall fondly, and many times after, but nothing seems to be as strong to me as my post five and pre ten years.

To this day I am surrounded by things from my past. Toys that I had, and some that I wanted. Sure, there are a few new items because they are just awesome. I also, from time to time, make a Saturday Morning Cartoons playlist which is populated more often than not by programs from 1976 through 1979. It is a pattern that I began to notice more and more over the past year.

I find that music appreciation falls between ten and eighteen. This is why I love music from the 80’s over most other decades, although you wouldn’t know it if you peeked into my audio library.

Once upon a time I was one of those “Things were better when I was a kid” types. Then I began to open up to newer stuff and made room for some fun and entertaining new things in my life. Acknowledging that I have a bias was my first step to halting the behavior of bemoaning the current and yelling from the rooftops about “Back in my Day”. The truth is today *is* my day, it is your day. You can enjoy old stuff and still get into something new. Nothing old ever changes and you may revisit it whenever your heart desires. It’s impossible to “kill a childhood” just as continuing with things unchanged from your childhood cannot make those old days any better.

I have a saying, that I’ve probably said here before… “It’s more fun to have fun than it is to get bent out of shape over things that are meant to be fun.” Just enjoy what you’ve got while you can because this is a short trip and you only get one ticket to ride.

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