Digital Art: Cave Hunter

Digital Art

Back when I was in High School I was heavily influenced by a stack of magazines inherited from a family friend who was being shipped out to a fort in Germany. He gave me his collection of Heavy Metal, and Epic Illustrated magazines. So many new styles of art and story telling, they blew my mind. It was around this time when I got into back issues of Warren’s Vampirella magazine too. If any one artists inspired me most from that time in my life it had to be Vaughn Bodē. His style was fresh and was very graffiti like. He had already been gone for eight or nine years before I discovered him.

I came up with a tribe of two legged lizard riding women who were part insect. They fought against an all male tribe of trollish types. It was hyper-sexualized and as crazy as a teenaged boy could come up with. For an example, the women would castrate the trolls… sort of like scalping. I wish I could recall what I named them.

This piece is a call back to those drawings, albeit immensely tamed down. I haven’t thought about that time much… this was a nice venture back.

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