Bloodshot (2020) 🔴


This one went under my radar last year, I think I was preoccupied with a few other things. As far as this Valiant Comics character goes I know very little about the backstory, power set or anything really. I came in only knowing that he is a character that’s been around a while. The movie started out as a standard Rambo “I am the i in TEAM” style heroics. My little time in the military was enough to beat that notion out of my head, but why it appeared that way became clearer in the end. The action was top-notch, the CG was impeccable, and I enjoyed the interaction between most of the characters. It was a fun film, and I am going to watch this one again. Perhaps I’ll even pick up a few digital issues of the comic now that I’ve enjoyed the movie so much.

How about you? Did you catch this one when it came out? It went straight to streaming last year. What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments.

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