Site Business: Pet Peeves

I try not to take things too seriously but one thing really bothers me, it’s what I termed “Follow Baiting”. Follow Baiting is where a person follows you then waits a bit of time for you to follow back, once that follow has been secured the person then unfollows you. Being used as simple number fodder chaps my hide, and I go out of my way to address this. This is something that I have managed on Twitter and Instagram, and now here on WordPress.

On WordPress it is really a manual task of matching follower accounts to blogs that I am following. Sometimes it seems a bit of silly and perhaps petty, but it’s the principle of the thing. I did my first pass this morning after somebody pulled the Follow Baiting scheme on me this morning. Now I will no longer follow back here until I vet the accounts… I don’t really need to be interested in the content since that is how I can be introduced to something new and different.

If I unfollowed you, and you are still following me, please know so I can re-follow you ASAP.

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