Trying to find that Zero Point

After a week of prep and pre-sales, separating myself from nostalgia fueled emotional ties to old toys, our two day moving sale was a HUGE success. I can’t remember being this exhausted after my first week of basic training, granted I am thirty years older now. I have named this feeling “Yard Sale Hangover”. Just about every large piece sold and that is great! There are still a few piles of decent items that we plan on donating to a local shop that supports our animal shelter. After the sale we put many other things on our sidewalk and a neighbor posting the free stuff available on Facebook… it’s ALL GONE now. Incredible.

We still have some stressful moving related things to deal with, but I am attempting to re-center and find my zero point for some balance. Finding the positives these days may be a bit more difficult, but that level point between positive and negative is a lot easier. Not happy, not sad, just content… mellow.

This is a design I created to help remind me to not be a word jumble and relax, everything else will follow.

Be Mindful

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