Multiverse Market is Temporarily Closed

Incase you were not aware, I sell vintage collectibles and toys online along with my graphic design and illustration endeavors. As a collector I love selling the things that I love, That may seem counterintuitive but it really is the case. I have a passion for both art and toys, while I attempt to make a living from both it makes my days go by a bit easier. At this point we are moving and downsizing everything during these uncertain times while I am unemployed so everything I do is a plus and I am taking this time as an opportunity not a crisis. While we look around at the rest of our stuff we are a bit overwhelmed, but we have already made some big pre-sale sales to friends and have the help and support of more friends. Things just are not as bad as they seem when they are just landing on you, out of the blue šŸ˜‰

During this move, the Multiverse Market is temporarily closed. The plan is to re-open in mid-November. The plan is to apply for a business license and to attack it with a new vigor. During the move we are downsizing everything, including my prized collection. Now we’ll have some incredible pieces to offer.

This weekend we are having a moving sale, and I’ll have most of our entire inventory out. Some for a deal, others I’ll be asking for the same money that I would ask for on my Etsy and Ebay shops. If you are a reseller or a collector, I would imagine that you can pick out the items that will be marked at market prices and the stuff I’ll be giving away. I am thinking of offering some of my drawings as well.

The following is a sampling of what what we are selling this weekend, and it took about three days to go through and set up. I still need to price key items.

Wish us success!

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