Invincible Guardians of World Freedom

Back in 1978 Marvel Comics and Mattel joined forces to release “Shogun Warriors”. It seemed like a perfect match to sell toys and comics. I liked the concept of the giant robots being piloted by three young people back when I was eight, so it really spoke to me. As far as consistently good plots, as I read them now, they are still entertaining at the very least. Nostalgia factor aside, giant robots are always awesome. Shogun Warriors are still cool as toys or as comics. I’ve watched the original anime for most of the original Jumbo Machinders, and weirdness aside they are pretty fun, but as far as story goes… make mine the original Gundam.


  1. The arrangement between Toei and Marvel Comics is a fascinating one that I’ve only started to learn about. We got Shogun Warriors and Toei got the Spider-Man super sentai series and, apparently, a Tomb of Dracula movie…

      1. I just read about it recently. Also that the early super sentai series, Battle Fever J, was part of the Marvel/Toei deal, since the character Miss America in that show was originally going to be Captain America.

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