Fantastic Four (1994) Season Two

I like most things that I talk about, I really do, and the animated adventures of the Fantastic Four is no exception. I can find redeeming qualities in most things that other can trash without batting an eyelash. The second season of the animated Fantastic Four (94) is some of the best adaptations of the original content that I can think of. The first season was a bloody mess. I think it tried too hard to be “acceptable” by people who were not in the know about Marvel’s first family. That opening season isn’t something that I tend to revisit that often, but the second brings me back more and more.

It’s not that the second is some sort of perfect retelling of Stan and Jack’s original stories, it’s more that they capture the essence of those stories. The first episode of that season opens with the FF losing their powers and Daredevil is involved in protecting the four from Doom. The story is basic, and Ben is oddly insensitive to the perceived handicap of Matt Murdock, with Alicia sitting right next to him. Apart from that it deals well with the loss and regaining of their powers.

My favorite episode is “Prey of the Black Panther”. T’challa attempts to prove himself by taking on, and defeating the Fantastic Four. A classic story, retold very well.

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