The Man of Tomorrow

Superman: The Man of Tomorrow

While I wasn’t keen on the design style of this animated film, I knew I was going to watch it either way. I had to preface this mini review with that statement in order to admit how very mistaken I was. I LOVE this type of animation… I just had to give it a chance beyond a short trailer. The story is a fresh take on the 82 year-old tale and it blew me away. The new vision of a 50 plus year old adversary was inspired, and I honestly felt like there was no way that Kal-El or any of his allies could overcome this entity. I’ll be watching this one again, as it was a real treat to see something so old feel so new.

I cannot recomend this animated movie enough. It is a breath of fresh air and gives a bit of hope in these odd times. If you are open to updated heroes and legends, then this is for you. Honestly this is a really great new vision for the Man of Tomorrow.

Superman and the Martian Manhunter

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