RIP King T’challa, Chadwick Boseman Forever

Press on with pride and press on with purpose.

Chadwick Boseman

Last night I learned of the passing of this youngman and felt a instant shock. Seven years my younger and the same age as my wife, it threw me for a loop. Our family has experienced loss over the past few months, the most recent being this past week. With how bad 2020 has been going, in every direction possible, I sought help and I feel like I am able to work on my coping mechanisms much better now. After this week, news like this would have shut me down for a few days or even weeks. While I am intimate with my own mortality, and accept it freely, I have great difficulty accepting the deaths of others… I am not sure why.

“Everybody is the hero in their own story”

It may be odd to say, but right now I am finding strength in the loss of Chadwick. He was a level headed leader in life, and the way he chose to face his illness astounds me. He brought encouragement and strength to others with his words and deeds. He did not pass in vain, his inspiration will live on.

Black Panther: A piece I made for a co-worker’s child

I’ve noticed that, increasingly, drawing and writing has helped me in these increasingly difficult times. Chadwick’s words and how he chose to face life’s problems as well as how he faced his own mortality are filling me with a feeling of peace and strength that I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

Thank you, Chadwick. Rest in Power, Brother.

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