A Spider-Woman Movie in the Works at Sony?

So via Deadline reported Olivia Wilde tapped to direct untitled female-centered Marvel movie At Sony. Plenty of sites are speculating that it will be a Spider-Woman movie. A Jessica Drew Spider-Woman to be specific. I am unsure as to how popular that version of Spider-Woman is over Spider-Gwen, but I am pretty positive that it isn’t the Spider-Woman that we were introduced to in Marvel’s Secret Wars… Julia Carpenter. If it is Jessica Drew, I would love to see how they design her outfit, and how they tackle her origin. Yes, there needs to be an origin story for her.

While I am most familiar with Jessica Drew from the Spider-Woman cartoon… I still love that series, I did have a few issues of Spider-Woman when I was a kid. She was always just an ancillary character for me in comics, a guest star in other books. A welcomed guest appearance to be sure.

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  1. I remember early Spider-Woman, and owned at least #1 at some point. But, I feel about her early days about the same as I did She-Hulk. I’m sure the character got better, later.

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