Getting My Headspace Squared Away

Those who know, say nothing. 

Those don’t know, won’t shut up.

Me? I am just here to work some things out.

I am fascinated by Zen Buddhism, Daoism, and Stoicism. While I am not into the mystical, metaphysical or superstitious aspects of this world, the aspects of psychology and self discipline of those three methods of living are of interest to me and always have been. I’ve been around for over fifty years now, and I feel as if I don’t know a thing. At this point the world is a dumpster fire in more ways than one, and now I am on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication. 

While the meds have helped, I still wish to continue to try to get my own handle on my thoughts and feelings about the mess around me, the mess inside of me, and the mess that I constantly dwell on from the future. At this point in my life I am learning to say no, and to practice self-care without feeling selfish.

I was hesitant to talk about personal stuff here, but this blog is very personal to me. It as much a part of me as my internal issues, so from time-to-time I’d like to write about those things here. At one point I had rolled a Blogger account to write about this sort of stuff, but that felt a little disingenuous… like I was hiding from what I was going through.


  1. If you haven’t encountered him already, I recommend the work of Stephen Batchelor, such as his book “Buddhism Without Beliefs.” He writes about Buddhism as a secular practice for everyday life, not as a “religion.”

    1. Doc 🟧🏄🌊🟦 – Grants Pass, Oregon – Sci-Fi Socialist, Collector of Protoculture & Purveyor of Nerdstalgia™ I design graphics, collect vintage toys/comics, & enjoy sharing things that I’m passionate about. My only goals in this life are to spread smiles and make a living off of what I love to do... not a huge profit, just a living.
      Doctor Multiverse says:

      Thank you, I’ll look that one up 🙂

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