Are the X-Men Making a Comeback on D+?

The Producer of The Classic X-MEN Animated Series Says He’s Had Talks with Disney+ About Reviving The Show


Well… let’s discuss. If I had my choice of a dropped X-Men property it would be Wolverine and the X-Men. It had a cleaner design and tighter story-line. I wouldn’t looks a gift horse in the mouth and would support any effort to bring back a property that I enjoyed throughout the 90’s. Heck, I am watching an episode while I get my thoughts down here. What would you want, no changes? What would be a deal breaker, character redesigns?

Animation and the way stories are told in that medium have come a very long way since X-Men the Animated Series aired all those years ago, and my hope would be that those advances would be reflected. Not only reflected but embraced by the perpetually grumpy old fans who cannot abide change. I gave up getting exact 1:1 stories from comics to other media a very long time ago, so I am far more amenable to new takes on old ideas.

Purchase the series or watch it on Disney Plus.

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