This morning we lost our cockatiel, Olive. She was the best little bird, and it’s pretty devastating. I wanted to write about how she would lose her mind whenever she heard the Nerdist intro/outro music from their youtube videos, that had to be her favorite tune. Not sure how much more I can write, having trouble seeing the screen through the tears.

She bonded with me, and I will miss her. She was a good bird, with quirks that were all her own. We tried to teach her to whistle and it only came out as “Uh Oh!”… and she would interject that at the most uncanny times. Once I was joking around from across the room and said “To me, my bird.” and she flew from her daytime cage/playground area right to my finger… that was the first and last time that happened. She didn’t even start her life with us as a she… his name was Oliver, until the first egg was laid… that was quite the shocker.

I thought I could write a bit more but it’s too soon. I thought writing about it would sort of put things into perspective. It helped a little.

I’ll always love my little girl.

Goodbye, Olib.


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