Secrets & Mysteries: Ninja the Real Story (1989)

It was in this magazine where I was introduced to Ninjutsu ❤

This is a VHS conversion from a tape that I’ve owned for over three decades. I enjoy rewatching it from time to time for nostalgia’s sake. It features Stephen K.Hayes, of the Bujinkan at that time, and members of Genbukan. I have been fascinated by the concept of the Ninja, aka Shinobi and Ninpo, the natural law that governs their actions and inactions. I began my training in a faux “Ninja” style that I wasn’t aware wasn’t authentic, and then moved into Kung Fu for a few decades. It was in 2010, when I finally found a reputable teacher from Bujinkan, when I finally began my training in the Nine Schools. In 2013 I earned my Shoden just before I had to relocate for a job in Oregon. I miss Shihan Ordoins, and all of my Shidoshi that I trained with at the Bujinkan Life Dojo. There have been many arts that I’ve trained in and with in my lifetime, none were as close to me as a family as my Buyu in that ancient budo… bujutsu artform.

“Ninja, the Real Story examines the supposedly magical warriors of the East. The film traces ninja history from its 14th-century origins and explores the martial arts masters’ mysterious ability to transform themselves into panthers and beasts of prey.”

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