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I want to break free…

So periodically I take evasive action when it comes to social media. It’s like a drug for me. Worse now, it’s my main form of communication with friends and family. During the pandemic it has been both a gift and a curse, as I am sure that many can attest to. Yesterday, I lost a whole afternoon to Twitter and I didn’t come out of my tweeting coma any more enriched than I went in. What did we do before social media?

I tell myself that if I leave Facebook or Twitter, that I would be a less effective marketer of my own creations. Well, I am not so sure about that. My analytics tell me that very few of my all to few visits come from social media. That means that even most of my closest friends are not clicking through my shared content links. I find this to be a bit disheartening. Since I am very aware of my ability to slip into a depression, I constantly fight the urge to just give up.

Perhaps giving up is exactly what I need to do? Surrendering in order to Win? That’s a very Daoist concept. Just sites like the aforementioned Facebook, and Twitter. I’ve been on both since 2009, and I’ve had fun on those platforms but not as much as becoming frustrated, anxious and depressed. I recognise that a lot of that is just how I am processing things, but the less garbage I need to process, the more rewarding things I can accomplish… even if it’s only establishing a napping time, it healthier than sitting here waiting for responses or likes or whatever.

The best way for me to take action is to create some goals.

What will I focus on?

Create | Read | Blog | Meditate | Move

I plan on creating more. From designing graphics for apparel and other merchandise, to drawing and illustration for relaxation. These are things that wish to do more of. Recently I also started to produce YouTube videos sharing a few things that I recently collected. Although I am still not sure if I like that method of sharing.

Reading is something that I don’t do enough of. Sure, I read articles and blog posts but nothing deeper. Heck, I haven’t felt like I’ve had time for even reading comics either.

Blogging. I’d like to do more with this blog. It doesn’t get much traffic but I don’t really do this for other people, I do it for me. It’s something that I enjoy.

Next on my list is Meditation. I used to do this a bit in my youth, but have fallen out of practice and find it difficult to fall back in,

One last thing… I REALLY need to MOVE more. Due to an injury, I’ve neglected training for a very long time. From time to time I’ll do some light practice, or pick up a staff and play for a few minutes but that’s about it. I wonder what 20 year-old me, who did nothing but Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu and Jeet Kune Do 24/7 would think about 50 year-old me doing nothing? I wonder if Yoga would be something for me to try?

What Stays?

Great question. I wish to keep things that are somewhat beneficial. Instagram is still pretty ok, it doesn’t involve a ton of attention and focuses entirely on sharing. I do enjoy sharing my art, designs, comics and toys 🙂 I am on the fence about Pinterest; it’s a great tool for gathering ideas, drawing models, and visual lists, but it feels like a bit of a time sink when I am on a “pinning” roll. Linkedin hasn’t done anything for me, and it’s probably going to drop entirely off of my radar soon.

Let’s see how for this plan get’s me.


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