My Shogun Warrior: Neo God Pharaoh from 1997 to 2020

In 1997 I wanted to create my own Shogun Warrior on my Windows 95 PC, I only had MS Paint at the time and my dream. Considering the limitations, I was satisfied with my results. I even made a follow-up image then walked away from my concept. All of the changed today. Don’t ask me why, but I felt like revisiting this old project.

I really wanted to create a unique attack move so I then came up with the “Prayer of Horus”. The Robot fires his six arm rockets simultaneously.

The “stars” on the knees are removable and become swords, and the wings come out of the back like a certain mutant’s claws… snikt.

The flying pose was my first attempt at creating this character concept. I named it God Pharaoh.

I put so much time into this robot that I figured it would make a pretty fun t-shirt design.

Shogun Style | 超巨大ロボットGo!T-Shirt Design

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