Clash of the Titans (1981)

Looking back through my past posts I discovered, to my shock and dismay, that I had never made a post talking about one of my all-time favorite Harryhausen films… Clash of the Titans. I could either slide further into my deep pandemic justice-less depression OR I could rectify this oversight.

The day is June 12th, 1981, and I am an eleven year-old boy who was already deeply into classical mythology. My Mother took me to see this one at the Birdcage Walk theater in the greater Sacramento area. The movie was a fun watch for this kid, and when it was over we went the the Toy я Us across the parking-lot. Once there I was delighted to find a Perseus/Pegasus figure set. We probably hit the comic book shop while we were over there as well, Comics and Comix was my jam.

Last night we watched Clash of the Titans again, and sure there were some riff-able, but it is still a pure joy to watch. I still adore Bubo the mechanical owl, the side banter between the Goddesses on mount Olympus, the incredible animation of Medusa, and the stoic bravery of Andromeda. While this mashes a few different classical Greek myths together, and introduces some new elements, it is a solid tale of a Demi-God who becomes a hero after being thrust into a situation not of his choosing, risks everything for the princess that he loves, and defies the will of a Goddess that seeks atonement for slanderous slip of the tongue by the Queen at her daughter’s wedding.

I never had the Mattel Kraken, but I had the rest of the line and it was a joy to play with those figures. Now I only own Perseus and Pegasus again. It took a while to get the best deal, but I have them and they are both complete. Every time I look at them I am taken back to those fun days where it was just me, my toys and what ever adventure that I was going to have that day. I also had the comic adaptation of the move, which I also required in 2019. While I am not actively looking for Clash of the Titans merchandise, I am never going to pass some up when the price is right.


My Meager Collection:

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