The Man from Atlantis 1977

Back in 1977 the world was an amazing place. It was probably one of the most influential years, in my lifetime that I can recall. This show, well it was a blip on the radar for that year, but it was a huge blip for me. The Man from Atlantis bucked trends of the time and felt like a fresh Sci-Fi show. The development on this show began in a pre-Star Wars world, if it was post I am very positive that there would have been more robots and alien activity involved and far less inter-dimensional shenanigans.

I was seven years old and ALL-IN on this television program. Not only did this show have a mysterious protagonist with unique abilities and a fascinating swimming style (which I was able to replicate and has become an accepted technique in Olympic Swimming), there was also wonderful technology being used by the Foundation for Oceanic Research the main piece being the advanced submarine called the Cetacean. There were two other draws for me, being a very early ‘bloomer’, were Belinda Montgomery and Jean Marie Hon (from an earlier favorite Ark II). Those two were wonderful, and I adored them.

Was this program the greatest? By all mean, no. I have more than my fond memories of this show from 77, a few years later it was played in my area in syndication. OK, I also purchased the series in 2018 as well, so it is very fresh in my mind. Mark Harris, the amnesiac “Man From Atlantis”, finds portholes to other dimensions in the ocean in several episodes. Pretty cool, right? Well, one dimensions is set in the “old west”, and then there is the “Romeo and Juliet Shakespearean” world. With guest stars like Pat Morita, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Ted Cassidy, and Victor Buono, this one season wonder is all over the place. The show is bad, and I LOVE it… still.

There were a bit of merchandise from this property to be found, but I never knew about any of it, except for the Marvel comic’s Man From Atlantis adaptation.

Bonus: A Drawing I did of Mark Harris, the Man From Atlantis back in 1977

MFA from a seven year old me.

What about you? What are your experiences with The Man from Atlantis? Did you have any of the merchandise? Let me know in the comments! I really want to hear from fans and foes alike on this one.

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