Bruce Timm: Complex Simplicity

If you are a fan of Batman the Animated series, or the Justice League Cartoon, then there is a 99.99% chance that you are a huge a Bruce Timm fan. His love of Jack Kirby is unparalleled in his own style with his use of hyper stylistic movement that almost leaps off of the page. I love the sheer simplicity of his art. There are times when I attempt aping the BT style but then I over-do the piece. Adding too much detail breaks the whole vibe that I adore. For the most part, his art consists of “c curves”, “s curves”, and straight lines. OK, that is a gross over simplification of what Bruce does, but when you boil is all down those elements are really what you are left with. He conveys feeling, and movement with simple lines. Alex Toth was also a huge influence with concern to how he approached character development. Another artist he strongly reminds me of is Dan DeCarlo which really is where his simple line work stems from.


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