Batman 1989

Being what I consider to be the first of the modern comic book movies, Batman 89 brought us into a new world of capes and cowls on the big-screen. There were other Superhero films long before this one, but they didn’t have that comic book movie feel that this movie did. Superman got close but they really when out of their way to elevate beyond the comics. This was understandable since it would take another decade until comic books began to be taken seriously.

While it is not the best overall representation of the Dark Knight, it is still one of the best. I have room for all versions of the live action adventures of the Bat, to varying degrees, but this and Adam Westโ€™s portrayals are my favorites. It has its faults, and I think that is also part of its charm as a film.

I can still remember being enthralled in the grip of the second coming of Batmainia. Batman was everywhere, all of the time. Among my favorite things is the official comic book adaptation of the film by the great Jerry Ordway. The shirts were everywhere, the world had Batman on the brain. Between Danny Elfman and Prince, the music was perfect.



Anyhow, Iโ€™ll be celebrating the 31st anniversary of this movie with a viewing this evening. Along with that I will also be celebrating the return of Michael Keaton to the role of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming, and often postponed, Flash film.

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