Comics Released the Month of my Birth in 1970 (Revised)

I was curious about what titles were released during the month of my birth in 1970. There are no iconic covers in this curated selection but it’s really fun to see what was on the spinner-racks in my first month on this planet. These are just from the big two, and they focus on the types of books that would I would have picked up.

Benjamin Herman, of In My Not So Humble Opinion, clued be into a great site that has a wealth of comics data which assisted in my revising this post. Thanks Benjamin! Some of these covers come from “Mike’s Amazing World of Comics“.


  1. Good idea. I should do something like this for my birthday. Well, I turn 44 this year. Maybe in 2021 when I’m 45 years old?

    By the way, an incredibly useful website for looking up the actual on-sale dates of comic books is Mike’s Amazing World of Comics. Here’s a link…

    For example, Mike’s Amazing World gives the on-sale date for Action Comics #390 as May 28, 1970, exactly 50 years ago this week!

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