Retro Review: The Shadow (1994)

Oliver Harper, being his usual thorough self, goes in deep on 1994’s “The Shadow”. If you have a spare 33 minutes, check this retrospective out. This film is a favorite of mine along with “The Phantom”. Yes, apparently I enjoy critically crapped on pulp hero films. I won’t apologize for that. I recently had a discussion about fanatics who feel entitled to shit on anything and everything when it doesn’t conform to their own vision as to what a property should be. This is just a fun film and is a great popcorn flick that should simply be enjoyed and not picked apart. The visuals are stunning, the story is simple yet interesting, and the acting is very retro-dramatic.

Oliver Harpers’ Retrospective on 1994’s “The Shadow”

If you have not watched this one, give it a shot. Don’t expect a life changing experience. Just sit back and expect to have some fun.

For an extra added bonus, I present The Shadow Strikes from 1937
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