Why Pre-Empire Star Wars Was Bat-Shit Awesome

Y-Wings by Ralph McQuarrie

In the days, months and years after Star Wars, when it was just “Star Wars”, everything was new. Nothing was out of bounds. There was no canon, no rabid fans screaming about what is, or isn’t Star Wars. It was the wild west with no sheriff in town.

Kenner Star Wars – Imperial Troop Transport. by Atariboy2600 

One of the best toys from that time was the Kenner Imperial Troop Transport. It was a a soft deviation from the film, and I adore it. Then we had the Droid Factory, which was months of fun for me.

Random House’s The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot 1979

In the comics we had things like stories of Ben’s past, a six foot tall rabbit named Jaxxon, and a last Jedi story that was a tearjerker. Along with the comics there were wonderful books from Random House, one in which Chewie finally gets his Medal, and several novels.

Jaxxon from Marvel Comics

Back in mid 77 through early 80 we were allowed to create our own narrative with the tools given us. Where there were gaps, we happily filled in with content from our imaginations.

The first official appearance of Boba Fett

One of the largest thing that happened during that time was the Star Wars Holiday Special. Some don’t like it. I was eight when it aired, and loved it then. About 12 years ago I watched it again, and was dumbfounded by the sheer insanity of it all. Now I appreciate it for what it was and is. It’s something I watch each holiday season now for fun.

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  1. The Star Wars Holiday Special has one good thing going for it, the animated segment that introduced Boba Fett. You probably agree, since you have a still from it. I can certainly understand why George Lucas and everyone else at Lucasfilm wants to make certain the rest of the Holiday Special is buried in a vault for all eternity, but I wish that the animated segment would get an official release on DVD or via streaming, since it’s really cool.

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