Toy Collecting on a Budget

If you are not wealthy or an influencer who constantly gets donations to share via video but you love toys and want to start a collection all your own, here's how I go about it... First I check out local second hand shops, antique malls, yard sales, and swap meets. While I browse for pieces [...]

Old Dreams of Godaikin Revisited

In 1984, was 14 and almost as big a nerd as I am today. Those were heady days indeed. Comics were coming into the mainstream zeitgeist, video games were about to really explode after a lull, and music just kept on improving. The beautiful thing about progress is that if you choose to stay behind, [...]

Link: Mile High Comics Megastore – Denver, Colorado – Atlas Obscura

While I've never been there I have been a customer via the internet. Their Ebay store is always a good place to pick up whatever you are looking for. If comic book nerds have a Mecha, it isn't San Diego... it's Mile High.

Video: The Art of Syd Mead

The Art of Syd Mead If, like me, you love the design aesthetic of Syd Mead then this video is a nice relaxing watch. Looking back at a forward thinker - There are more people in the world who make things than there are people who think of things to make. Syd Mead

Star Wars Poster Greg Hildebrandt: The Story Behind the Art

A great and informative article on io9 about the very first Hildebrandt Star Wars poster, and other influential work. Read about it here: The Story Behind One of Star Wars' Most Recognizable Posters