2020-2021 Digital Art Gallery

Welcome to my Digital Art Gallery. In 2020, my skill in illustration advanced by leaps and bounds and then I was gifted a graphics tablet by my folks for my 50th. I am constantly learning so please feel free to comment on any of my pieces. If you can help to improve my art, then by all means help me out πŸ™‚

2020-2021 Digital Art Gallery

My very first website was just a collection of Ultraman images back in 1996. It was pure joy teaching myself HTML and reliving my love of my very first Superhero, Ultraman. 25 years later, I am doing far less HTML based coding but I am still an Ultraman fan. Here are some of my recent Ultraman universe pieces in a dedicated gallery.

2020-2021 Digital Art Gallery


More of my Original Character Designs

Some of these designs are decades in the making. Please enjoy them and feel free to ask any questions about them in the comments section.

This is a character I created in 1997, Mantis Ranger

The Social Crusader

I based this character on how Superman was originally portrayed in the early issues of Action Comics


I had a dream about her when I was 15 and did my first drawing then. That was 1985, and she’s still on my mind. Every rendering makes her more heroic since then.

Phin: Lord of the Seven Seas.

Ultra Kaiju Inspired Original Characters…


More Digital Art…