2020-2021 Digital Art Gallery (Updated 12.May)

Welcome to my Digital Art Gallery. In 2020, my skill in illustration advanced by leaps and bounds and then I was gifted a graphics tablet by my folks for my 50th. I am constantly learning so please feel free to comment on any of my pieces. If you can help to improve my art, then by all means help me out 🙂

Digital Art Gallery
12.May.2021: Worthington III a.k.a. The Angel

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2020-2021 Digital Art Gallery

My very first website was just a collection of Ultraman images back in 1996. It was pure joy teaching myself HTML and reliving my love of my very first Superhero, Ultraman. 25 years later, I am doing far less HTML based coding but I am still an Ultraman fan. Here are some of my recent Ultraman universe pieces in a dedicated gallery.

2020-2021 Digital Art Gallery

Ultra Kaiju Inspired Original Characters…