My Top 10 Non-Xmas Movies to Watch on Xmas

If you have had enough of the holiday season, or you need a respite from the seemingly endless stream of Hallmark flicks, here is a list of movies that could help you out. For me, they have a distinct flavor of the holiday season without being holidayish movies.

10. The Wiz: It feels like a holiday movie without the heavy trappings of actually being one
09. The Great Mouse Detective: This is a great little film that doesn’t get enough play. It’s Disney without being too Disney.
08. Big: This is a fun film that captures what it’s like to be an overgrown kid, perfectly.
07. Mouse Hunt: This hilarious movie has a very holiday vibe, down to the heart warming ending.
06. Night at the Museum: This one is special to me. Mrs. Multiverse and I saw it on Xmas eve at the theater she was working at. It was our first holiday season together.
05. The Black Hole: This one is so far removed from being a holiday film, but it captures a moment in my life that was very Xmas-centric.
04. Annie: This one gives me the warm feels, and is not-guilty pleasures that I went to see with my Mother and Grandmother. I was painfully aware that I was the only male in the line to see this, but once the film began I was carried away by the story.
03. Flash Gordon: He’s the Saviour of the Universe. Nuff Said.
02. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: My parents took me to see this on Xmas day 1986. We had so much fun, it’s something that I’ll never forget. I am actually watching this one while I compile this list πŸ˜‰
01. Popeye: It’s 1980, I am ten and this is the very first time we’ve ever gone anywhere but my Grandparent’s house. We went to see this one as a surprise, and boy was it! Mork and Mindy is still a big deal to me, so seeing more of Robin Williams was a treat. I adore this film and actually sneak it into my viewing rotation a few times a year.

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