Mail Call… Mego Micronauts


   This week I received some great pieces in the mail. 1977 Mego Micronauts Force Commander and his mount, Oberon. These are pieces that I never owned as a child. They are missing a few parts but I am always down to hunt for bits-n-bobs.

   One of my favorite things about these two is that they combine into a centaur toy. Baron Karza and his steed, Andromeda do the same. I have an Andromeda coming, but I probably won’t be getting a Karza, unless a great deal comes along. The magnetic limbs on the Force Commander is so much fun and solves any complicated joint issues to a degree.

   These figures, like most of the Mego Micronauts line, Force Commander was a retooling of the Kotetsu Jeeg magnetic toys from 1975.



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