One of Us… Disney Plus

   So I waited for a few days to sign up for Disney Plus. I wanted to let the service shake out a few bugs that I knew would exist. Now I am one of the millions of drones out there. OK, that’s a bit dark, but it feels apt.

   Now that we are here, what’s the first thing we watch? Yep, that’s correct… The Avengers. No, seriously. I own the disc, but it’s been a while and it’s a really fun movie. We’ll watch The Mandalorian later this evening, I am sure.


   So far I have had nothing but a positive experience with the service. I was planning on bailing on Netflix, but D+ is so affordable, especially if you sign up for a year, that I am keeping my Netflix subscription. That’ll top me out for media. Between YouTube, Prime, Netflix, Disney+, and my personal Plex server, we have more content than we could ever need.

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