Recent Sales at the Multiverse Market

   Recently I made the decision to pair down my collection. I went through a process of things that I really want to keep, for the time being and things that I need to flip. The decision was tough. In that pile of items to flip, there are three sub-piles. Those sub-piles are “Sell online”, “Yard Sale”, and “Donations”. The donations are good things, that are too cumbersome to sell online and will do really well at my local Humane Society second hand store. Our Yard Sale days have ended in this part of the US, and I don’t really want to have anymore of those. As for the Online sales, I am a bit slow in posting those things, but they do trickle out there onto our Etsy shop, Multiverse Market.

   Here are some of the items Mrs. Multiverse and I have sold since reopening our shop in August. We don’t do much on Ebay anymore, Etsy is just easier to use at the moment.

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