New This Week: 2 Almost Drawings & 2 Vintage Finds

This week…


I almost draw two pieces…


   I really am struggling with my drawing. It’s been mostly misses for over a month now. I think I’ll go back to my sketchbook work and just focus on smaller areas. Eyes, lips, arms, just anything that I can just practice until I break my stagnant spell. I tend to fall back on familiar poses, but even those fell short for me.

I found two great items…

   I found two pieces that I plan on holding onto. The first was at a local second-hand shop, a 1976 Waterful Ring-Toss game by Tomy. It was in near perfect condition but while Mrs. Multiverse was helping me remove the top plug, it pretty much disintegrated. Spilt milk and all of that. Then I filled it with water to test it out, and it works wonderfully! I spent many hours in the back seat of our car, on the way to my Grandmother’s house which was over an hour away, playing with this game. So much fun!

   I also found a Pepsi Shazam glass from 1976 at a local antique shop. Its cost was around market level, which was fair.

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