My Vintage Shopping Day Finds for Under $20

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   Today was somewhat of a free day for me. I took it off for one reason, but something else came up. All of that aside Mrs. Multiverse and I went out for Sushi then visited a few local antique malls. Here is my haul, all for under $20 (US).


Mystery Figure

   First we have a mystery. What is this thing? I picked it up for near nothing because I had to. It’s batshit crazy in a six inch tall yellow and blue package. There are NO distinguishing marks and I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s a bit to durable for some dollar-store rack toy. Do you know what it is?


Mexican Superman Bootleg Parachutist

   Another interesting find was a 50¢ blow-molded Mexican Superman knock-off. The fascinating thing about this piece is that he has a green parachute, and not a red cape. Should I remove him from the cellophane?



   95¢ got me this View-Master, it was in a secondhand shop that supports some local mission. It’s in working order, but needs a bit of a cleaning. Funny thing is that I saw a few of these at the bigger antique mall for $12 and up. I already own one of this vintage, so I am not sure what I’ll do with this one.


Mcdonalds Drinking Glasses

   Next these two McDonalds drinking glasses. I had already passed on a few overpriced examples of these earlier in the day, BUT each one of these were $1.25 plus 10% off. No brainer. I used to fear the Hamburglar, now I love this version of him so I may have to keep this and do a mini focus on this character.


Pearl Pureheart

   Honorable mention was this little Pearl Pureheart from Mighty Mouse 1988 or 89. She was a dollar.



  Last, but certainly not least, is this 1984 Coleco Sectaurs’ Skulk action figure. It has been something that I’ve been looking to purchase for a few weeks online but I’ve never pulled the trigger on any of the listings. This was the most pricey thing I purchased today.

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