Real Ghostbusters: Highway Haunter (1987) by Kenner… More Than Meets the Eye!

   My “new” piece has finally arrived, I am pretty stoked about this one! The Real Ghostbusters’ Highway Haunter, by Kenner, is a very fun toy. Shaped like a Volkswagen Beetle, this vehicle harbors a horrifying secret. Press the head rests on the car seats down and the once benign bug turns into a giant Mantis-like creature.

   This isn’t anything I had. I was 17 when this game out, and in 1987 I was more into Japanese Imports, Kung Fu and Comics. I first saw this a few years ago and became enamored by its charmingly fun design. It combines Transformers and Kaiju all in one package. I paid next to nothing for this guy, and will enjoy having it reside in my collection 😸🤙

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